The area close to the viaduct
(Valentine's series postcard, used 1912)

Locations marked are:-

1. The Goss boatyard where Admiralty cutters and the Garlandstone (amongst many others) were built.

2. Originally a brickworks, later the 'Chip Factory' making punnets and baskets for local fruit-growers.

3. Rose Hill Terrace (below) and Rock Park Villas (above).

4. In the 1950s, this was the Rectory for the Parish Church. The incumbent at that time was H. W. J. P. de Labat

5. Tharsis House, built c. 1841, owned by the Lawry family in 1901.

6. The Steam Packet Inn / Commercial Hotel.

7. The Parish Church.

The loco crossing the viaduct could be A S Harris, bunker first.