Fore Street looking west, January 2005

At the far end is the former baker's shop at Bickles Corner, with Back Lane leading uphill on the right. A former draper's shop has been demolished where the cars are now parked.

Fore Street looking east, January 2005

At the far end is the Boot Inn, which has been extended to take over a former grocer's shop. The Post Office, now on the Quay, was in a building on the right and run by the ROWE family in the 1950s.On the photographer's right (but out of shot) is a lane leading down to the Quay and also the former butcher's shop, run in the 1950s by Mr WATTS.

The view below show the current post office on the Quayside and the entrance to the connecting lane (in the direction in which the left hand car is pointing).