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The Hooper Family


The following details of the HOOPER family have been researched by Hilma Ardito, the 3xgtgranddaughter of John & Susan Rickard HOOPER.

Contact Hilma at this email address.




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William Hooper
Born: abt. 1773
Son of: John HOOPER & Hannah unknown
Married: Mary BATE, July 8, 1793 in Calstock, Cornwall, England, by banns
Witnesses: Thomas Keen and John Bate

Wife: Mary BATE
b. 30 Nov, 1760
Daughter of John BATE and Mary KEEN


1. John HOOPER
b. 1793

2. **William HOOPER
b. 1811

** Note: William Hooper, not known if  he is the son of Mary Bate or if William (the father) married a second time. Most of this line moved to Montreal in the 1880s. See HOOPERs of Montreal at the end of this data.


1. John HOOPER
Born: 1793
Married: April 8, 1819 in Calstock, Cornwall, England
Died: 4 Sept,1867
Buried: in the graveyard of St Andrew's Church, Calstock

Wife: Susan RICKARD
Born: 1796 in Callington, Cornwall, England
Died: 29 Aug,1873 Calstock
Buried: in the graveyard of St Andrew's Church, Calstock
Parents: so far unknown


The Gravestone of John & Susan Rickard HOOPER
click image to enlarge

The inscription reads:

Sacred to the memory of
John Hooper
Who died at Harrow Barrow
Sept 4th Dom 1867
Aged 74 years
Farewell dear Partner of my joys and-------
Prepare to follow me and take my repose
As thou hath shared my gladness of m------
So may thou share with me the silent tomb
Also of Susan his widow
Who died Aug 29 ,1873
Aged 75 years
( two lines that cannot be read)



1. Eliza HOOPER1
b: 24 Dec 1826
Spouse: Jeremiah GREY
Moved to USA
Died: 4 Mar 1904 at the age of 76 in Ticonderoga, N.Y.

2. John HOOPER2
b: 1 Feb 1829
Spouse: Marina PARKIN
Died: Mar 15,1871
Buried: in the graveyard of St Andrew's Church, Calstock

Daughter of: William & Margaret Parkin.

Daughter: Ellen HOOPER
Married: Digory Warne NORTHEY
They & granddaughters moved to South Africa

3. Louisa HOOPER3
b: 1831
Spouse: Samuel TRUSCOTT
Moved to USA
Died: before 1870

4. William HOOPER4
b: 29 April 1832
1.Jane Ann HOSKINS
Moved to USA
2. Lucy DRYDEN
Died Aug 7, 1902, Ticondergoa, New York

5. Mary HOOPER5
b: 24 Aug 1834
Moved to USA
Died: 1 Feb, 1922, Kelso, Washington, USA
Buried: 3 Feb, 1922, Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington, USA

6. Jane HOOPER6
Baptism: 11 Dec 1835
Spouse: John COLE
Moved to USA
Died: 30 Oct, 1923

7. James HOOPER7
B:  7 May 1837
Spouse: Jane MITCHELL
Stayed in England, not found after 1871 census
Children & grandchildren moved to Devonport, Devon, England

8. Joseph HOOPER8
B: 13 Oct 1838
Baptism: 4 Nov 1839
Never married
Moved to: USA
Died: 1 March, 1916 Ticonderoga, New York, US

9. Benjamin HOOPER9
Baptism: 24 Mar 1841
Moved to:  Australia after 1861 (Family history has it that he died at  the hands of natives in the outback.

1Eliza HOOPER  &  Jeremiah GREY

Jeremiah's Occupation: miner.
Moved to USA: 8 June, 1852 on the “Mary Ann”.
Died: 19 Dec, 1872 aged 49

Eliza and children
Moved to: Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York, USA  about 1864.


1. Elizabeth GREY
B: 1851 Cornwall

2. Alfred W. GREY
B. 1855 Cornwall, England
Died: May 30, 1931
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel

Dora "Kittie" SNOW
B: 1865
Died: July 14, 1934

1. Nonie GREY
B: 1885

D: April 12, 1941


2. Ruth L. GREY
B: 1894

3. George Richard GREY
B: 28 Oct, 1856 Cornwall, England
Married: 16 June 1878
Died: April 27,1933
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel

Carolyn “Carrie” E. SEAMAN
B. 15 June, 1858
Daughter of: George W. & Harriet (Butler) SEAMAN
D: 25 Nov, 1923

1.Elizabeth Lulu “Bessie” GREY
B:  15 June 1879
Married: June 22, 1903
D: 11 Oct 1918

Spouse: Orrin ”Ora” Charles GOULD
B: Mar 25, 1875 (as per WW I Draft Reg Card)
Died: March 29, 1928
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel

2. Alfred William Grey
B: 26 Mar 1881
D: 8 Oct 1918

Spouse: Lena May St. CURS or OURS
B:. 23 Dec 1891
Daughter of:  David and Mary (Farr) St. Curs or Ours

George R. GREY

3. Forest Richard GREY
B: 5 June 1882
D: 21 Oct 1918

Nellie E. SNOW
Died: Nov 23,1949
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel


Mrs  William FUCHS of West New York, N.J., USA

(From Obit, first name unknown)

4. George S. GREY
B: May 1887
D: 17 April 1932

5. Elthel GREY
B: Nov 1888

1. Thomas J. TENNIAN
Died: 1909

2. George PAPPAS

6. Alice M GREY
B: 1893
Died: 1950
Abode: Homer City, Pa, USA


7. Frederick GREY
Born: c.1881
Died: Oct 8,1918 aged 37
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel (married with one son)

4. Charles  GREY
B: Nov 1864, New York

5. Francis ”Frank” GREY
B: 1867 New York

2 John & Marina Parkin HOOPER

John went to the USA in 1852 with Samuel TRUSCOTT & Jeremiah GREY, but returned to England.

Married: 27 May 1880
At age: 19
Witnesses: Marina Hooper & Emma Lark
Emigrated to: South Africa with husband and daughters
Died: Probably after 1903 in South Africa

Digory Warne NORTHEY
Born: c. 1860, Linkinhorne
Married at age: 20
Occupation: blacksmith
Son of: Henry & Maria Northey, born WARNE, Henry an innkeeper of Linkinhorne Village
Siblings: Henry, Francis & Emma
Died: Probably 1901 in South Africa

1. Ellen (Nellie) Maria W. NORTHEY
Born: 27 June 1880
Baptised: 19 Aug 1880
At: All Saints, Harrowbarrow, Calstock, Cornwall, England
Married: William Martin GRAY in South Africa

2. Ruth Jane W. NORTHEY
Born: 13 Mar 1882
Baptised: 30 Aug 1882
At: All Saints, Harrowbarrow, Calstock, Cornwall, England
Married: Frank Nash BERESFORD in South Africa

3. Samuel & Louisa TRUSCOTT (see 3b below)
Louisa b. 1831
Samuel b 1 Jun 1823, son of John & Jane, occupation miner
Married: June 1849 in Stoke Damerel, Devon, England
Emigrated: To USA, Samuel aboard the 'Mary Ann' in 1852, Louisa & children in 1853

1. Mary Ann TRUSCOTT

B: 29 Dec 1849 in England
M: 6 Jun 1872 in Independence, Montgomery County, KS, USA
D: 23 Aug 1935 in Morrowville, Washington County, USA
Buried: Morrowville Cemetery

Nicholas Warwick PARKEN

1. Lulu P Parken
B: 2 Nov 1875
M: 13 Dec 1896
D: 2 Mar 1954
Spouse: Grierson WERTMAN

2. Lottie Grace PARKEN
B: 29 Nov 1881
M: 9 Jun 1907
D: 9 Mar 1975
Spouse: Lloyd Anthony STOKER

3. William Henry PARKEN
B: 2 Dec 1884
M: 9 Jun 1908
D: 29 Nov 1935
Spouse: Alta Fay FULLER

4. Fred E PARKEN
B: 7 Jan 1888
M: 27 Mar 1917
D: 4 Feb 1976
Spouse: Lena E GROVER

2. Jennie (Jane) TRUSCOTT
B: 21 Jun 1852 in England
D: 13 Oct 1900 in Lincoln, Lancaster County, NE, USA
Spouse: David E BIXBY

3. Elizabeth TRUSCOTT
B: 1857
D: 1916 in Cowley County, KS, USA

4. John Samuel TRUSCOTT
B: 24 Jul 1858
M: 15 Aug 1885 in Miles City, Custer County, MT, USA
D: 30 Oct 1930 in Miles City, Custer County, MT, USA

Spouse: Delia Agnes JORDON

Children: (as per 1900 Census)
1. William Joseph TRUSCOTT
B: 1888

2. Albert TRUSCOTT
B: 1889

B: 1891

B: 1894

5. William TRUSCOTT
B: 1863
D: 1916

B: 1865
D: 1916

3b. Samuel & Mary Hoskins Eselby TRUSCOTT

Married: c. 1873
Samuel widower of Louisa HOOPER
Mary, widow of William ESELBY, had emigrated to the USA in Sep 1871 with her children (except Sarah).
Mary's sister (Jane Ann HOSKINS) was married to William HOOPER, Louisa's brother.

Mary Lousie TRUSCOTT

B: 1874 NY, USA
M: 1897
D: After 1930

Spouse: Fred BAR(R)INGER, son of John & Lavine A





5. Dorothy H BARINGER

6. Marjorie H BARINGER

4.  William & Jane Ann Hoskins HOOPER

William emigrated to the USA in April 1854
Married 1: Aug 18 1854 in Middletown, Ct, USA
Died: Aug 7 1902 in Ticondergoa, New York, USA

More about William

Spouse 1:

Born: 1836 Beeferris, Devon, England
Daughter of: James
Emigrated to USA: Aug 1854 with her father, James Hoskins.
Jane died: 1872

Spouse 2:
No children

1. James HOOPER

B. 15 Jul 1855 in Connecticut, USA
D: 19 Jun 1871

2. Ellen Jane HOOPER
B: 18 Jun 1857
M: 1877
D: Jun 2 1937 in Morristown, New Jersey, USA


B: 1852
D: Jun 14 1917
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel Jun 28 1917

1. Marion O'CONNELL

Spouse: Charles Adam LETTS/LETZ
D: Jul 17 1922
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel Jul 20 1922

2. Jennie O'CONNELL
M: 17 Oct 1906
Spouse: Fred G KINNEY
Children: Helen, Ruth, Isabell

3. Florence O'CONNELL
B: Mar 9 1885
M: June 1911
Spouse: Charles Andrew BAY
D: July 1978 in Cobleskill, New York, USA

3. Jessie Maude HOOPER
B: 3 Oct 1858
M: 6 Nov 1879
Spouse: Samuel WEAR
D: 23 Feb 1881

4. Albert HOOPER
B: 4 Aug 1861 in New Jersey, USA
D: 1 Feb 1878

5. George Henry HOOPER1.5
B: 30 Mar 1862 in Warren, New Hampshire, USA
Spouse 1: Lena WOODARD
Spouse 2: Lillian STRANGMAN

6. Annie HOOPER
B: 5 Aug 1863 in Ticonderoga, New York, USA
D: 14 Sep 1864

7. Frank Cyrus HOOPER
B: 3 Sep 1867 in Ticonderoga, New York
M 1: Apr 16 1895
M 2: Oct 8 1902
Republican member of the New York State Assembly 1905-07, 1918-19
Chair of the Warren County Republican Party 1927
D: Dec 10 1954 in North River, New York, USA
Buried: North River Cemetery, New York

Spouse 1:

D: April 1899

Spouse 2:
Medora Lambert HIGGINS

Daughter of William Irving HIGGINS & Elizabeth LAMBERT

1. Elizabeth HOOPER

B:  30 Apr 1904
D: 24 Feb 1909

2. Medora HOOPER
B: 29 Sep 1905
Spouse: Phillip KRIEGER Jr.
Child: Catherine
D: 6 Nov 1994 in Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona

3. Alice HOOPER
B: 15 Aug 1908
Spouse: Charles H TIBBITS Jr.
Children: William & Charles

4. Eleanor HOOPER
B: 7 Feb 1910
M: Oct 1934, licence obtained in New York
Spouse: Byron HATCH
Children: Dee & David

5. Jane HOOPER
B: 31 Jan 1916 in Glen Falls, New York
M: 1941
Spouse: Olcott GATES
Children: Frederick Lamont, Susan, Catherine, Dorothy, Alice Hooper, Elizabeth
D: 11 Apr 2004

8. Minnie Louise HOOPER
B: 13 Oct 1870 in Ticonderoga, New York, USA
Occupation: School teacher
M: no
D: Dec 13 1948 at North River, New York
Buried: North River Cemetery
Obit: Ticonderoga Sentinel Dec 16 1948

1.5. George Henry HOOPER
B: 30 Mar 1862 in Warren, New Hampshire
M 1: 2 Jun 1885 in Ticondergoa, New York
M 2: After 1900
D: 1 Sep 1948 in Hernando, Florida

George was a partner with his brother Frank C HOOPER in Hooper Mines (New York), Hooper Brothers Company, Hooper Graphite Mine, North River Garnet Mine.

He held 2 USA patents - Patent # 524592, Issue date: Aug 14, 1894, Ore-concentrator and Patent # 524593, Issue date: Aug 14, 1894, Ore-concentrator.

Owned a hotel in Hernando, Florida, first called the “Dixie Hotel”, then called the  Hooper Hotel” and later called the “Lakeside Hotel”.


Spouse 1: Lena WOODARD
Daughter of: Elijah & Tamson Shepardson
D: 1900

1. William George HOOPER
B: 1886
M: 21 Jul 1915
D: 4 Sep 1932

Details of Spouse and Children available from Hilma, email address above.

2. James Elijah HOOPER
B: 19 Sep 1887 in Ticonderoga, New York
D: 31 Jan 1966

Further details available from Hilma.

3. Annette HOOPER
B: 2 Nov 1892
D: 1956

Further details available from Hilma.

4. Charles HOOPER
B: Aug 1897
D: Feb 1918, 24 days after enlisting.

Further details available from Hilma.

Spouse 2: Lillian STRANGMAN

1. & 2. twin boys
B: Jul 1904
D 1: 1904
D 2: Before 1910

3. Edward W HOOPER
B: 15 Jul 1906 in Los Angeles, California
D: Aug 1977 in Sheffield, Colbert County, Alabama

Further details available from Hilma.

5. Mary HOOPER
Mary baptised: 12 Aug 1834 in Calstock, Cornwall, England
Married 1: 2 Dec 1854, witnesses Joseph RICKARD & Mary RICKARD.
Died: 1 Feb, 1922 in Kelso, Washington
Buried: 3 Feb 1922 in Kelso, Cowlitz County, Wa.

Spouse 1: Job BISCOMBE
Son of: Job
Died: Before 1870

Child: Benjamin BISCOMBE
B: 1857 England
M: in Ticonderoga, NY
D: 3 Mar 1887 in Ticonderoga, NY, USA

Spouse: Lous (Lois) BARNUM

1. Jessie L BISCOMBE
B: 1882
M: July 1905

B: 8 Sep 1887
Mary was born  7 months after her father died.

Further details available from Hilma, email address above.

Spouse 2: John MILFORD
Baptised: 29 Sep 1839 in Calstock, Cornwall, England
Son of: Robert & Susanna Coal. who married 20 Feb 1831 Calstock
Occupation: Miner
Moved to: Ticonderoga, Essex County, NY, arriving 26 Apr 1870 on the "Nebraska", then to Gold Hill, Storey County, NV and to Kansas.
Died: 12 Aug 1881 in Chatauqua County, KS, USA


B: 1866 in England
Last recorded in: Ship's passenger list

2. William MILFORD
B: 5 Mar 1871 probably in NV
D: 17 Sep 1901, unmarried.

3. John Hooper MILFORD
B: May 1872 in Kansas
D: 1936 in Cedarvale, Chatauqua County, KS

4. Minnie MILFORD
B: 7Apr 1875 in Gold Hill, Storey County, NV
M:3 May 1905
D: 29 Jan 1948 in Kelso, Washington

Further details of these children available from Hilma, email address above.

6. Jane HOOPER
B: 16 Nov 1836
Emigrated to Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York in 1865
Naturalised 1868
D: 30 Oct 1923 (as per her death certificate)

Spouse: John COLE
Occupation: Miner
D: 25 Nov 1881

1. George COLE

2. Mary J COLE

3. & 4. Willie COLE & Lillie COLE

5. Minnie COLE
B: 1871

6. John COLE
B: 1871

7. Thomas COLE
B: 1875

 Further details of these children available from Hilma, email address above.

7. James HOOPER
B: 7 May 1837 in Calstock, Cornwall
M: 25 Dec 1865 in St Dominick, Cornwall
Last record: Found in 1871 Census

Spouse: Jane MITCHELL
Baptised: 1 Mar 1840
Daughter of: William, farmer of St Dominick, and Elizabeth
Last record: 1901 Census, living in Devonport, Devon with granddaughter Lily HOOPER

1. Elizabeth (Bessie HOOPER)

B: 1867
Last record: 1881 Census

2. Frederick Jervis HOOPER
Baptised: 20 Mar 1870
Occupation: engine/ship fitter
M: Mar 1890 in Stonehouse, Devon
D: Sep 1910

Spouse: Alice E JONES
B: 1869 in Calstock, Cornwall, England

1. Lily HOOPER

B: 1890

2. Frederick HOOPER
B: 1894

3. James HOOPER
B: 1897

4. William HOOPER
B: 1900

8. Joseph HOOPER
Baptised: 13 Oct 1838 in Calstock, Cornwall, England
Emigrated: c. 1864 to Ticonderoga, Essex County, New York
Naturalised: 2 Oct 1884
Listed in one census as being deaf
Did not marry
Died: 1 Mar 1916

9. Benjamin Hooper
Baptised: 27 Mar 1841 in Calstock, Cornwall, England
Emigrated: to Australia sometime after 1861.

HOOPERs in Montreal, Canada

Relationship with HOOPERs above mentioned in Ticonderoga Sentinel

In 1893 'William Hooper of Montreal, one of the chief clerks of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, is spending a few days in town (Ticonderoga, New York) the guest of his cousin, William Hooper of this place. (Ticonderoga, New York)'

In 1899 'Mr. and Mrs George Aucrum and daughter and Mr Charles Hooper of Montreal, were the guest of William Hooper and family over Sunday.'

It's likely that William and Charles were father & son. Mrs Aucrum was William's daughter, Alice Elizabeth HOOPER.

William HOOPER
B: c 1812
Probably son of William, born 1773

Spouse: Elizabeth VENNING

Children: Mary Elizabeth (born 1840), Selina (born 1844), William H V (born 1846), John (born 1850) and Bessie Harriet (born 1855).

William Henry Venning HOOPER
B: Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England circa 1846
M: 4 Mar 1872 in Devon
Emigrated to Quebec, Canada in about 1880
1881 Census: in Lonqueuil, Chambly, Quebec

Spouse: Eliza DOCKETT

1. Alice Elizabeth HOOPER
B: 15 Feb 1873 in Tavistock, Devon
D: 29 Apr 1965 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2. Charles Venning HOOPER
B: 18 Mar 1874
D: 5 Oct 1957 in Yolo County, California, USA, unmarried.

3. Ethel Mary HOOPER
B: 18 Dec 1875 in Tavistock, Devon
D: 9 Jul 1931 in St Lambert, Quebec

4. Bruce Harry HOOPER
B: 29 Sep 1877 in Bristol, England
D: 8 Mar 1942 in Montreal, Quebec

5. Reginald Thomas HOOPER
B: 27 Feb 1879 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon
D: 3 May 1958 in St Lambert, Quebec

6. Archibald William HOOPER
B: 1881 in Longueil, Quebec
D: 11 Oct 1904

7. Mary Florence HOOPER
B: 20 Jan 1883 in St Lambert, Quebec
D: 8 Jul 1945 in St Lambert

Spouse: William Vernon DUFFIE

8. Frank Gordon HOOPER
B: 13 Feb 1886 in St Lambert, Quebec
D: 12 Jan 1961 in Yolo County, CA

9. Maude Victoria HOOPER
B: 17 Feb 1887 in St Lambert, Quebec
D: 22 May 1961 in Yolo County, CA, unmarried.

10. Allan George HOOPER
B: 1891 in St Lambert

11. Harley John HOOPER
B: 9 Jul 1892 in St Lambert
D: 3 Jan 1958 in St Lambert

Spouse: Bertha Elizabeth STEELE

Further details of these children and their spouses available from Hilma, email address above.


USA  Federal censuses
New York State Census
Passenger Lists to the USA
Cornwall and Devon, England censuses
Calstock website
BMD website for England
Book “History of Essex County, New York”,  by H.P Smith, 1885
Business letters written by William Hooper
Booklet  “Tales of a  Mining Engineer” by Frank Hooper
William Hooper’s Bible
Book “The Military and Civil History of the County of Essex, New York” by Winslow C. Watson, 1869
Book “The best of It’s Kind” by Brenda J. Elliot,1995
William Hooper’s Obit in the The Ticonderoga Sentinel, Aug 7 1902
Newpapers articles printed in the The Ticonderoga Sentinel, 1874-1950
Gravestones in Calstock, England and Ticonderoga, New York

All of those that have helped me (Hilma Ardito) with my research on the Hooper and the Hoskins families are listed below.

Wanda Woodard, Ticonderoga, New York, ”Hooper and Woodard families”

Lesley Haigh,  Berkshire, England, “Hooper family in England” (Lesley helped me with the Cornwall censuses and other data on the Hoopers - she even drove to the cemetery in Calstock and took photos of my ggg grandparents’ (John Hooper and Susan Rickard) gravestone  for me. Lesley and Jan  have  become  treasured  friends.

Joan Robinson,  Harrogate, England “Hoskins family in England”. Joan had helped me with data on my Hoskins family. Joan and Peter are treasured friends.

David Hooper, Locust, North Carolina, “Hooper family  in USA". David sent me a copy of  William Hooper’s Bible information.

Frederick Gates, Arlington, Massachusetts, ”Frank Hooper’s family  in USA” . Fred put a message on the Hooper Mailing List, stating that the family was from Calstock, without that I would have had a very hard time finding the  Hoopers.

Kathryn and Floyd Gordon, Payette,Idaho, ”Mary Hooper family in USA”

Maureen  Martin, Montreal, Canada, “Hooper family in Canada”. Maureen supplied all the data on the Hoopers in Montreal, Canada.



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