Kelly's Directory 1910

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Directory Entries For Calstock

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Private Residents

Bennett, Lewis, jun. Gellings park  
Down, Henry Westfield house  
Edgcumbe, Lady Ernestine Honeycombe  
Grenfell, Thomas    
Gunderson, Mrs. Tamar view  
Harris, Samuel Danescombe house  
Horne, Miss Park view  
Hullah, Rev. Thomas, M.A., J.P. Rectory hon. canon of Truro & surrogate
Lawry, Jas. Walt., J.P. Tharsis villa  
May, Robert May Place  
Mount-Edgumbe, Earl of, P.C., L.L., G.C.V.O., V.D., D.C.L. Cotehele House & 3 Lowdnes Sq. & Carlton Club, London S W
Nayler, Rev. Matthew H.   Wesleyan Methodist
Perry, Wilfred Charles Kelly villa  
Reed, James Henry Tamar terrace  
Sparks, Rev. Lionel, A.K.C.   curate
Tree, Mrs. M.S. Kelly villa  
Warne, Mrs. J.M.    
Westlake, Thomas Rose Hill house  
Winsor, Rev. James   Baptist
Woodd, Henry Turnor Kelly villas  

early closing day , Thursday 5 p.m.

Adams, John   barge owner
Adams, Thomas Fore street grocer
Alford R.R.   clerk to Calstock sub-committee of Cornwall Local Pensions Committee
Avery, William   farm bailiff to Earl of Mount-Edgcumbe
Baker, Nicholas High Todsworthy frmr
Bennett, Edmund   market gardener
Bennett, Lewis, jun. Gellings park market gardener
Bickle, William & Sons Fore st. drapers
Bickle, Hedley A. Fore st. organ dir.
Bowden, Henry Fore street grocer
Bowden, Sidney Chas. Fore st. outfitter
Bowhay, Joseph Drakelands farmer & landowner
British Mining & Metal Co. Ltd. Drakewalls J. L. Inch, agent
Clarke, John Carpenters' Arms P.H., Metherill  
Clitters United Mines Ltd.    
Cocks, Fredk. Mount Pleasant farmer
Collom, Beatrice (Miss) North park ladies' school
Cork, William Hy. Fore st. stationer
Cox, Wm. Hy. Francis Fore st. grocer
Cradick, Wm. Rock park vil fruit grower
Cundy, William Danescombe market gardener
Dawe, John Snell Newton farmer
Dawe, Joseph Metherill butcher
Dawe, Joseph Metherill farmer
Dingley, Pethybridge, White & Dingley   (branch), bankers (James H Reed, agent), (mon & thurs 10 to 1); draw on Union of London & Smiths Bank Ltd., London E C
Fox, Fowler & Co.   bankers (agency) (Stephen Paul, agent), open thurs; draw on Lloyds Bank Limited, London E C
Franks, Thomas Cuthbert Hingston fire brick maker
Glanville, Harry Clifton North park farmer
Grenfell, Thomas   coal merchant
Grenfell, Thos., jun   agent to Messrs. Vivian & Sons, manure merchants
Harris, Hy Metherill fruit grower
Harris, Neal Kelly cots insurance agent
Harrison, Jn. Fdk.   carpenter & joiner
Hickman, Charles   baker
Hocking, Richard Church st. grocer
Hunn, Eliza (Mrs) Metherill shopkeeper
Inch, John L.   mine agent
Jane, George Cleave fruit grower
Jane, Hy Commercial rd beer retailer
Johns, Josiah William   farmer & sextn
Julyan, Thomas Steam Packet P.H.  
King, Mary Ann (Mrs)   shopkeeper
Knight, Frederick Harewood fm farmr
Langsford, Ernest Glamorgan miller (water)
Langsford, James Metherill farmer
Langsford, Roger Cleave farmer
Loam, James   barge owner
Loam, John   barge owner
Loam, Reginald   tailor
Luxton, John Henry Trehill farmer
Luxton, Scott   farmer
Martin, Jsph Grove Cottage frm frmr
Martinenio, Camillo Ashburton hotel  
Matthews, Richard Middle Metherill farmer
Parkin, Millie & Emma (Misses.)   dressmakers
Paul, Fredk, Fore st. fancy repos.
Paul, James Down   farmer
Paul, Stephen   bootmaker & agent to the Tavistock Bank (Fox, Fowler & Co)
Pearce, Richd Higher Brookland frmr
Pearce, William Fore street butcher
Perry, Spear & Co.   Lim. merchants
Peters, John Metherill shopkeeper
Pomroy, Samuel Kelly market grdnr
Preston, Samuel   fruit grower
Rickard, Mary Charlotte (Mrs.) Fore street butcher
Risdon, Wm. Jas. Metherill wheelwrght
Rook, Henry (Mrs.) Drakewalls market gardener
Rowe, Ann Joll (Mrs)   stationer & post office
Rowse, Alfred   farmer
Soper, William   market gardener
Stanbury, Saml. Harry Fore st. tailor
Stanley, William Tamar inn  
Start, Charles Metherill farmer
Steer, Nicholas Treragin farmer
Symmons & Sons Cotehele quay coal merchants
Terrill, John & Lilian (Miss)   drapers &c.
Veale, William Jas, Commercial hotel  
Vivian & Sons   manure merchants (Thomas Grenfell, jun. agent)
Vosper, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs)   butcher
Warne, Joseph Metherill farmer
Warne, Walter   carpenter
Warwick, William   farmer & carrier
Westlake & Co. Calstock brick & tile makers (red & fire)
Williams, Alfred   boot maker
Woolcock, Richard Chilsworthy farmer
Woolcock, Wm. Hy. Todsworthy farmer
Worth, John Henry Fore st baker

Private Residents

Annear, John Prospect villa  
Beale, Henry    
Bennett, Campbell Hingston house, St, Ann's  
Bennett, Edwd Hingston vil., St. Ann's  
Bickford, Rev. Walter Weekes   curate
Bowhay, Albert Kingswood house  
Davey, John Woodlands  
Harvey, William East view  
Johns, William Henwood Sandhill ho.  
Mason, Capt. Wm. Geo. Heath ter  
Morgan, John Edgar Fernleigh villa  
Peacock, Mrs. Downfield villa  
Proctor, Lieut. Joseph Wellpark  
Redmore, Rev. W.J.   Unite Meth.
Strick, William Annerley villa  
Tucker, Rev. Alfred Wesley villa Wesleyan Methodist
Woolcock, Thomas    

Early closing day, Wednesday, 2 p.m.

Andrews, Emmanuel Jn.   gro. & butcher
Annear, John   grocer
Annear, Samuel Francis Commercial street grocer
Attwill, James Drakewalls baker
Bailey, Frederick Latchley farmer
Ball, Milinda (Mrs)   shopkeeper
Bedford Brewery Co. Commercial hotel  
Bennett, William (Mrs.) Commercial street outfitter
Bennetts, James Dimson farmer
Bickle, George   butcher
Bickle, James Pit farm farmer
Bowhay, Albert, D.P.H.Camb., M.D., L.R.C.P. Lond. Kingswood  house surgeon & medical officer, Calstock district, Tavistock union, certifying factory surgeon & medical officer of health to Calstock Rural District Council
Broad, Alfred St Ann's tailor
Burleigh, Alberta (Mrs.)   shopkeeper, see Hills & Burleigh
Burnman, William St Ann's shopkeeper & post office
Calstock Co-operative Society Ltd.   R. Leverton, sec.
Carter, John Henry Goldsworthy ho. relieving & vaccination officer & registrar of births & deaths, Calstock sub-division, Tavistock union
Coath, Robt. Pill Delaware ho. grocer
Cocking, Harold Latchley farmer
Cocks, John & Symons, John   builders
Cocks, John Delaware farmer
Cornwall Granite Co. Ltd.   granite mers.
Davey, Charles   butcher
Dingley, Pethybridge, White & Dingley   (agency), bankers (James H. Reed, agent); draw on Union of London & Smiths Bank Limited, London E C
Doidge, Albert Rifle Corps inn  
Edgcumbe, Thos. Edwd.   grocer & drpr.
Gerry, Tapson Johnson's hotel  
Gibson, William James Fore st. tailor
Gimblett, George   shoemaker
Gimblett, Reginald Hy. Geo. Hampton ho. photographer
Glanvill, Thomas St Ann's farmer
Green, Fredk. Jn.   teacher of music
Gunnislake Gas, Coal & Coke Co.    
Harris, Harold Chapel street butcher
Harris, John   tailor
Hearn, Marshall Cocks park farmer
Henwood, Wm. Jn. St Ann's shopkpr
Heyden, William   boot maker
Hill, Thomas St Ann's farmer
Hills & Burleigh St Ann's shopkprs
Hocking, Daniel Heath cot. farmer
Hodge, William (Mrs.)   grocer
Hunkin, Harriet (Mrs.) Drakewalls umbrella repairer
Jennings Limited   corn merchants
Johns, William Henwood Sandhill farmer & landowner
Knight, Mark   builder
Knott, Richard Delaware farmer
Lavis, Thos. Commercial st. ironmngr.
Lawrence, Jane Ann (Mrs.) St Ann's farmer
Lawry, Hawke & Co. Limited   coal & coke mers. (Geo. Hawke, sec.)
Martin, Emma (Miss) Drakewalls shopkeeper
Martin, Ephelia (Mrs.)   grocer
Martin, Wm. Jn. Drakewalls builder
Maunder, Samuel Whimple farmer
Millman, William George   boot maker
Morrish, John Latchley farmer
Murton, Elijah   grocer
Neal, George Latchley farmer
Nicholas, John Calstock rd. dairyman
Normington, James & Son Drakewalls shipping agent
Normington, Elizabeth (Mrs.) Drakewalls place grocer
Northcote, Joseph Lower Town, Latchley farmer
Parker, William Slimeford farmer
Paul, Lewis Commercial st. butcher
Pearce, Richard Brooklands, St Ann's farmer
Pedlar, Mary (Mrs.)   ironmonger
Pendry, Walt. Chas. Fore st. genl. dlr.
Perry, Spear & Co. Limited Drakewalls & at Halton Quay, St. Dominick
Peyrick, William Rising Sun P H  
Phillips, Mary (Mrs.)   shopkeeper
Piper, Edwin   grocer
Pridham, Frederick Latchley farmer
Richards, Frederick Sandock house sanitary inspector & road surveyor to Calstock Rural District Council
Rodda, William Chapel street draper
Rowse, George Chilsworthy farmer
Seccombe, Jn. Clitters carpenter, mine agent
Shore, Emanuel   hair dresser
Sleeman, Samuel   baker
Sleep, Frederick Goldsworthy farmer
Slocombe, William   shoe maker
Smale, Stephen Tavistock hotel  
Stenlake, William Chilsworthy grocer
Stephens, Edward Bloye Latchley shopkeeper
Stevens, Edward Latchley farmer
Strong, James Wenmouth Hawkmoor farmer
Strong, Thomas Hy. St Ann's grocer
Symons, Elizabeth (Mrs.) & Cocks, Georgina (Miss)   drapers
Terrell & Co. Commercial st. drapers
Trefry, Louisa (Mrs.) Commercial street greengrocer
Trethewey, James Bassett   monumental mason
Trewin, Richard Drakewalls saddler
Truscott, Wm. Commercial st. boot ma.
Underhill & Co. Limited Commercial street chemists
Veal, Ernest Henry Clitters farmer
Wadge, Emma (Mrs.) Commercial street grocer
Wakem, John G. St Ann's assistant overseer & clerk to Parish Council
Wallis, Thomas   insurance supt.
Webber, Chas. Edwd. St Ann's butcher
Webber, Thomas St Ann's grocer
White, Harry   baker
Whitford, Jn, Hy. Chapel st. outfitter
Whitford, William Dimson grocer
Williams, Jane (Mrs.) Drakewalls shopkeeper
Woodland, William   blacksmith
Youlten, Jeremiah Fore st. insur. agt.
Young, Rufus   farmer

Private residents

Bowhay, Mrs. Albaston house  
Bowhay, Richard Kingsett house  
Bowhay, Thomas Taylor Albaston house  
Glanville, John 2 Gnaton terrace  
Seccombe, Charles Wm. Gnaton ter.  
Smith, Mrs. 3 Gnaton terrace  


Annear, James Henry   shopkeeper
Bowhay, Edward & Brothers   brewers
Dawe, Elijah   blacksmith
Dorrolled, Thomas   hair dresser
Glanville, Thomas Henry   farmer
Higman, William   boot & shoe maker
Lawry, Arthur Queen's Head P.H.  
Maddaford, Richard   farmer
Martin, Joseph Grove farm farmer
Martin, Richard   shopkeeper
Maunder, Jessie (Mrs.)   shopkeeper
Parker, Nicholas   farmer
Rosekilly, Nicholas Richard   builder
Seccombe, Chas. Wm., M.R.C.S.Eng. & L.R.C.P.Lond. Gnaton terrace physician & surgeon
Skinnard, Simon John   baker
Steer, Daniel   farmer
Tucker, John   butcher
Woolcock, John Davey   shopkeeper

Private residents

Bennetts, Misses    


Baraball, John   farmer
Bray, Charles   shopkeeper & butcher
British Mining & Metallic Co. Ltd.   arsenic manfrs. (W.F.Collins, mgr.)
Calstock Tin & Copper Co. Limited   tin mines & arsenic manufacturers
Cotton, Henry   farmer
Eastley, Fdk. Ea. Harrowbarrow farmer
Eastley, frederick, jun. West Harrowbarrow farmer
Hooper, Eliza (Mrs.)   shopkeeper
Isbell, John Henry   blacksmith
Langsford, James Henry   farmer
Martin, William   farmer
Poad, Samuel Bews   mason
Sandercock, Thomas   shopkeeper
Steer, John   farmer
Steer, Nicholas   farmer
White, Herbert   joiner
Wilton, Victor   shopkeeper


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