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Trade directories first appeared towards the end of the 18th century and were published by a number of companies such as John's, Pigot's and the one which has survived to the present day, Kelly's.  They give a description of each location and the prominent citizens, farmers and businesses, vicars and landowners, magistrates and town councillors. They describe and date churches and chapels and other important buildings.  They don't list employees or the unemployed.
Please bear in mind that most of the material listed on this site has been indexed or transcribed. It is not an original source so may contain errors. It is important that it is used only as a guide.

Directory Entries For Calstock

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Cornwall / Calstock


Surname/Business First Name Property/Place Notes
ABBOT James Gunnislake tailor
ADAMSON George Cornish inn, Gunnislake  
ANDREWS John Gunnislake grocer
ANNAEAR Joseph Gunnislake stationer
APPLEBY Charles Edward Hingston down terra cotta manufacturer
Arsenic Works   Greenhill A. W. Clarke, man.
BABB Joseph Cleave farmer
BAKER John Albaston builder
BAKER John Albaston parish clerk
BAKER John Todsworthy farmer
BAKER William Albaston blacksmith
BARKER Thomas Harrowbarrow farmer
BATES Albert Henry Gunnislake Private resident
BENNETT James Mount Pleasant farmer
BENNETT John Vennanough Albaston sanitary inspector
BENNETT Stephen Coombe farmer
BENNETT William   shopkeeper
BENNETTS Miss Harrowbarrow Private resident
BENNETTS John Gunnislake butcher
BICKLE George Gunnislake butcher
BICKLE William   tailor
BODY Stephen Cross farmer
BOLT Simon Gunnislake shopkeeper
BOWHAY Edward Albaston Private resident
BOWHAY Albert Strasburg villa, Gunnislake Private resident
BOWHAY Albert Strasburg villa, Gunnislake surgeon
BOWHAY Edward & Brothers Albaston brewers, maltsters, farmers, tanners & landowners
BOWHAY John Tamar mills, Gunnislake auctioneer
BOWHAY Joseph Drakelands farmer & landowner
BOWHAY Joseph, jun. Whimple farmer
BOWHAY Nicholas Grove house Private resident
BOWHAY Richard Albaston Private resident
BOWHAY Richard Albaston wine & spirit merchant
BRAUND John Gunnislake draper
BRAY Andrew Gunnislake Reliving & Vaccination Officer, Calstock sub-district, Tavistock union
BRAY Thomas Gunnislake carrier
BULFORD Mary (Mrs.)   shopkeeper
BURNMAN John Rifle Corps inn, St. Ann's chapel shopkeeper
BURNMAN Mary Ann (Mrs.) St. Ann's chapel beer retailer
Calstock & Danescombe Mining Co. Limited     Arthur S. Hughes, man
CHALK Wm. James C.E. Sandhill house, Gunnislake Private resident
CHAPMAN Rev. Francis Gunnislake Wesleyan
CHUBB Richard Latchley farmer
CHYNOWETH James Hingston villa, St. Ann's chapel mine agent
CLARKE Jn. Carpenter's Arms, Metherill  
CLATWORTHY Jn. Wade Gunnislake grocer & chemist
COATH Robert Pill Delaware house, Gunnislake general merchant
COCK Jane  (Mrs.) Albaston shopkeeper
COCK Jane  (Mrs.) Post Office, Albaston receiver
COCK John Gunnislake carpenter
COCKS John New inn  
COCKING John Latchley farmer
COCKING Thos Rising Sun, Lathchley farmer
COLLOM William   mine agent
CORK Rev. Daniel   Baptist Minister
CORK William Henry   stationer
CORRY John Gunnislake greengrocer
CROCKER Emanuel Flora villa, Gunnislake Private resident
CROCKER Robert & Son Gunnislake baker
CROCKER & SONS   Gunnislake general merchants
DAVEY John Henry Gunnislake butcher
DAW Peter Gunnislake beer retailer
DAWE Daniel Metherill farmer
DAWE Joseph Metherill farmer
DAWE Susan (Mrs.) Oxford inn, Harrowbarrow  
Devon & Cornwall Steam Packet Co.     Stephen Paul, sec
DOWN Joel   builder
Drake Walls Mining Co. Lim.   Gunnislake Moses Bawden, manager
DURBER Edwin Ashburton hotel  
East Cornwall Mineral Railway Co.     William Sowton, man
EASTLEY Fredk Ea Harrowbarrow farmer
EDGCUMBE Lady Ernestine Emma Horatia Cotehele house Private resident
ELLMAN Rev. Ernest B.A.   Curate
ENNOR James   market gardener
ESCOTT William Gunnislake ironmonger
EVA Thos. Coombe villa, Harrowbarrow Private resident
FIDDICK Richard Todsworthy farmer
FOOTE Thomas   baker
FOREST Robt Harrowbarrow shopkeeper
GILL John Trehill farmer
GIMBLETT John Gunnislake shoemaker
GLANVILLE John Gunnislake butcher
GOOCH Sir Alfred Sherlock bart. Honeycombe Justice of the Peace
GRAY Ophelia (Mrs.) Albaston shopkeeper
GRENFELL Thos.   Private resident
GRENFELL Thomas   agent to Messrs.Vivian & Sons, coal merchants
GRYLLS Stephen Cleave farmer
Gunnislake Clitters Mining Co. Limited   Gunnislake William Skewis, manager
Gunnislake Gas & Coke Co. Limited   Gunnislake John Rodda, sec.
HAMBLY Eliza (Mrs.)   shopkeeper
HAMPTON Annie (Miss) Gunnislake dress maker
HANNIBAL Jas. St. Ann's chapel shopkpr
HARRIS Agnes (Mrs.) Gunnislake grocer
HARRIS Josiah Gunnislake farmer
Harrowbarrow & Birmingham Mining Co.   Harrowbarrow William Dowling man.
HARVEY John Harvey's hotel & butcher
HARVEY Samuel Metherill farmer
HAWKINS Thomas   shopkeeper
HILMAN Jabez   shopkeeper
Hingston Down Mining Co. Limited   Gunnislake Thomas Richards, resident agent
HOCKADAY Henry Dimson farmer
HODGE Lavinia (Mrs.) Gunnislake shopkeeper
HOPEWELL Lucy (Miss) Gunnislake dress maker
HORNE John   market gardener
HOSKIN Mrs. Poplar house Private resident
HULLAH Rev.Thomas M.A. Rectory rector, St. Andrew's Church
HUNN Francis Metherill shopkeeper
HUNN William Metherill carpenter
HUTCHINGS Mary Ann (Mrs.)   grocer
ISBELL Wm Harrowbarrow blacksmith
JAGO Jn. Truscott Albaston wheelwright
JEFFERY Thomas   grocer
JOHNS Bennett Sandhill, Gunnislake farmer
KELLY John Hendy West Harrowbarrow farmer
KNIGHT Mrs. Plushpark cottage, Gunnislake Private resident
KNIGHT John Gunnislake blacksmith
KNIGHT Luke & Son Gunnislake builders
LAKE John Gunnislake tailor
LANG Samuel Brooklands Private resident
LANGSFORD Charles Cleave farmer
LANYON John Gunnislake shopkeeper
LAVIS Thomas Gunnislake ironmonger
LOCK Samuel Gunnislake shoe maker
LUCAS Sampson   dairyman
LUXTON Francis & George Cotehele Barton farmers
LUXTON John Trehill farmer
LUXTON John jun. Trehill farmer
MARTYN Alfred Gunnislake coffee rooms
MASON John Trehill farmer
MASON Rev. Ulric Collins B.A. Goldsworthy house, Gunnislake curate
MAY Rev. Frederick Granville B.A. Harrowbarrow curate
MAYNARD Thomas   shopkeeper
MOOR John St. Ann's chapel wheelwright
MOOR William St. Ann's chapel medicine vendor
MORRISH William Latchley farmer
NICHOLAS William Albaston shopkeeper
NICHOLLS Samuel Davey Gunnislake grocer
NORMINGTON James Gunnislake grocer
Okell Tor Mining Co. Limited     Felix F. Wilson, sec
Old Gunnislake Mining Co.   Gunnislake Richard T. Skinner, purser; Wm. Skewis, man.
PADDOCK James Kelly villas Private resident
PALMER Misses. Downfield villa, St Ann's chapel Private residents
PARKER William Albaston farmer
PAUL John Queen's Head, Albaston  
PAUL Stephen   tailor
PEARCE William   butcher
PEDLAR Arthur Gunnislake ironmonger
PEDLAR Charles Gunnislake fancy dealer
PENGELLY Jane (Mrs.) Gunnislake beer retailer
Plymouth Fire Clay Works   Dimson Henry Bates, manager
POAD Henry Ea. Harrowbarrow farmer
Prince of Wales's Mining Co.     C.B.Parry, sec
PROCTOR John Toll Metherill farmer
PROCTOR Lieut. Joseph Cross, Gunnislake Private resident
PROUT Joseph Tamar inn  
REED James Henry Tamar place Private resident
RICKARD Mary (Mrs.)   butcher
RILSTONE George Gunnislake seedsman
RISDON Wm. Jas. Metherill wheelwright
RODDA John Gunnislake mine agent
RODDA William Gunnislake draper
ROSEKILLY Isaac Albaston builder
ROSEVEARE William Chilsworthy farmer
ROWE A. J. (Mrs.)   clerk to the school board
ROWE A. J. (Mrs.)   postmaster
ROWE Ann Joll (Mrs.)   grocer
ROWE George   shopkeeper
ROWE George Oakenhayes, Gunnislake mine agent
ROWE James Naval & Commercial inn  
ROWSE Robert   farmer
SANDERS William Albaston bootmaker
SANDS Harriet (Mrs.) Harrowbarrow shopkeeper
SEARLE James   beer retailer
SECCOMBE John Carpenter Gunnislake mine agent
SHENALE James Gunnislake grocer & draper
SHORE Emanuel Gunnislake hair dresser
SIMS Nicholas Alma cottage, Gunnislake Private resident
SIMMONS Edwd. Cotehele quay coal mer.
SKINNER John Harrowbarrow miller (water)
SLEE William White Hart, Chilsworthy  
SLEEP Andrew Bittams farmer
SLOCOMBE William Gunnislake shoemaker
SMALE Henry Steam Packet hotel  
SMITH James Sargent St Ann's chapel Private resident
SOWTON John   grocer
SPEAR James Latchley farmer
SPEAR John Metherill farmer
STEER Daniel Treradgin farmer
STEPHENS Edwd Bloye Latchley shopkpr
STEPHENS Elizh. (Mrs.) Latchley frmr.
STEPHENS William Tavistock hotel, Gunnislake  
STORY Edward Gunnislake quarry owner
STRONG Thomas Hawkmoor farmer
STRONG William Dimson farmer
TAPERELL Edmund   draper
TAPERELL James Sandways farmer
TERRILL Ann Richards (Mrs.)   draper
The Tamar & Kit Hill Granite Co. Limited   Gunnislake William James Chalk M.I.C.E. engineer & manager
TOMS Eliza (Mrs.) St. Ann's chapel shopkeeper
TONKIN John Gunnislake grocer & draper
TOWNSEND Elizh. (Mrs.) Gunnislake grocer & drapr.
TREFRY William Harrowbarrow grocer
Trood E & Co.   Gunnislake bone & manure merchants; & at Saltash
TRUSCOTT William Gunnislake ironmonger
TURNER John Gunnislake sub-postmaster
TURNER John & Son Gunnislake tailor
VANSTONE Samuel Newhouse farmer
VEAL John Albaston shopkeeper
Vivian & Sons     coal, manure & salt merchants, dealers in building materials. (Thomas Grenfell, agent)
WAKEM James Chilsworthy butcher
WAKEM Joseph Latchley farmer
WARNE John   tailor
WEBBER Thomas St. Ann's chapel grocer & draper
WEEKS Francis Gunnislake watch maker
WEEKS Jacob Chilsworthy farmer
WEEKS William Gunnislake builder
West Devon Great Consols   Gunnislake George Rowe, manager
WESTLAKE Thomas   brick & tile maker
Wheal Langsford Silver & Copper Mining Co. Limited   Gunnislake Richard Goldsworthy, manager
WHITE Henry Petherick St. Ann's chapel blacksmith
WHITE Miss Hingston ho, St Ann's chapel Private resident
WHITFORD Elijah Gunnislake grocer
WHITFORD William   farmer
WILKINSON Henry   ironmonger
WILLIAMS John Gunnislake mineral merchant
WILLIAMS John Prospect villa, Gunnislake Private resident
WILLIAMS Thomas Albaston farmer
WILLIAMS Thomas Gunnislake boot maker
WOODD Henry Turner Kelly villas Private resident
WOODD Henry Turner Kelly villas surgeon & medical officer, Calstock district, Tavistock union
WORTH John   farmer


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