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Okel Tor

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Okel Tor

A pictorial map and photograph of this mine can be found on this page of the Tamar Valley A.O.N.B. website (pdf file). (Website under reconstruction May 2008).

Worked under lease from the estate of the Duchy of Cornwall, the site is elevated on a bend of the Tamar and has superb views of the valley and Devon beyond.

Worked from: 1840s-1890

Producing: Copper, Arsenic, Lead, Pyrite & Tin  from shafts.

Plans & Documents: Plans available from the CRO, references AD220/19, HB/A12, MRO/R68 (longitudinal section MRO/R68/1), MRO/S13, HB/12
Stannaries Documents STA/172, Cash Book (1873) STA/172/1, Papers (1860-80) STA/172/2, General Papers (1884-87, including Letter Book) STA/173


1849(?) - Okel Tor Silver, Lead & Copper Mine Co.
1851 - Okel Tor Mining Co.
1877-80 - H.N.Lay
1881-1886 - Okel Tor Co.Ltd.
1886-7 - Calstock Tin & Arsenic Works Synd.Ltd.

Other Associated Names:

1859-1860 - Tratton, ?  Chief Agent
1861-1863 - Edwards, J.  Chief Agent
1864-1865 - Metherell, J.  Chief Agent
1866-1868 - Rodda, John  Chief Agent
1870 - Gillchrist, Joseph  Chief Agent
1871- Collom, B.  Chief Agent
1872 - Bailey, J.  Chief Agent
1878-1886 - Bulford, Henry  Chief Agent
1887 - Bulford, H.T.  Chief Agent

1859-1865 - Collom, William B.  Manager
1869 - Edwards, John  Manager
1873 - Niell, Thomas  Manager
1874-1875 - Bennett, H.   Manager
1876-1877 - Bennett, John  Manager

1860-1865 - Channing, W.  Secretary
1866-1870 - Collom, William B.  Secretary
1872 - Collom, William B.   Secretary
1874-1875 - Hawke, R.F.   Secretary
1876-1877 - Lay, H.A.  Secretary
1878-1881 - Lay, N. Horace  Secretary
1883 - Wilson, Felix F.  Secretary


1861 - To view an advertisement from the Belfast News-letter, dated 30 September, giving statistics for the mine and inviting share applications, click here.

1873 - Initial exploitation became too costly and machinery sold.

1874 - Mine sold.

1876 - Work started again, with arsenic being the main product.

1878 - 63 people were employed, 33 underground and 30 on the surface.

1882 - At the height of its production, employed 192 people, including children as young as 9.   86 worked underground and 106 on the surface

1887 - The death was recorded of 14-year-old John Spear when "a quantity of ground fell upon him".  In that year, the mine employed 62 people underground and 80 on the surface.


At the time of the 1881 Census, William B. Collom (58 years) was living at North Park House, Calstock with his wife, Elizabeth, and 8 children.  His occupation was given as a Mining Engineer and 2 of his sons were copper miners.

John Rodda (a widower, aged 50, born in St. Austell) lived at 9 Hatches Green, Calstock with 4 sons and 2 daughters.  The birth places of his children indicate that the family had moved between Tavistock (Devon), Calstock, Redruth (Cornwall) and Quebec (Canada).  2 of his sons were also miners.

Living at Rose Cottage, Calstock were Henry (Harry) Bulford (37), his wife, Mary Jane, and their 6 young children.  Harry had been born in Lewannick, Cornwall.


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